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Defensive Play: Exploring Why So Many Hate It

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Yes, I’ve been gone for a long time. I’ve had a lot of things going on for the last several months so sadly I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to blogging. Thankfully it’s mostly out of the way, so I can get back to writing.

So a lot of things have come and passed since I last wrote, and although I wanted to cover them at the time, I feel as if many of those topics were best left discussed when they were more relevant. In any case, one thing that has stuck out since the beginning of my venture into the Smash community has been the topic of defensive play, or rather, the overwhelming disdain for it. This is something I’ve found especially interesting because it’s certainly not something limited to Smash alone, and not even competitive videogames, but rather, it seems to span out to the sporting world as well. So the obvious question is, why do so many people dislike defensive play? Read the rest of this entry

Following the Competition Ruleset: A Player’s Responsibility


In light of recent events, I felt it was important to stress to newer players, as well as even veterans who may not understand, the importance of adhering to the rulesets ordained by competition organizers. The most important reason you are doing this is not to appease those in charge, but in the interest of facilitating fair competition for all your fellow competitors.

Read the rest of this entry