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World Smashing Federation: Leffen Is the Heel We Need

Before I start, I should probably answer the question of why I didn’t set up shop on a site like Smashboards where there are lots of people who actually might care to read. Thing is, I could, and I’ve at least been around long enough and done enough there that I could have it sorted it relatively quickly, but here’s the reason in a nutshell: I won’t be able to say what I want.

All these bigger Smash sites are now more concerned with an image more palatable to a wider, general audience, tiptoeing around any sort of potential controversy caused by certain opinions and content. This is fine, but the beauty of the Smash scene now is that it has outgrown the Smashboards hub and left the nest. This means we can be out and about doing our own thing, while still going home and minding our table manners. Point is, I can talk all the shit I want, and it’s my platform to do so.

Now onto the subject of Leffen…

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