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Competitive Fighters Will Never Entice the Casualcore

I suppose a dramatic title like that deserves some sort of preface

rising thunderHere I come you fucking casuals!

So I’ve been bored recently and decided to try out the the Rising Thunder Alpha (something that you should all check out if you haven’t already), and I’ve definitely enjoyed it for what it is. The game has a design philosophy that is looking to draw more novice players into fighting games, by removing the need for commands when performing special moves (instead mapping them to button inputs), as well asĀ  affording more lenient combo input windows than something like Street Fighter. What this meant in my case, was that I could quickly get to grips with how a character functioned, learn some bread and butter combos, and get into some matches in under an hour. This is great, because it always feels nice to be able to jump into a game with such little time invested in technical mastery. So I go with Chel, being a shoto archetype (think Ryu and Ken in SF), I felt she would be the most comfortable character for me to work with off the bat and at least possibly reach a lower intermediate level of play very quickly. I get matched up against some Carbon rank players (the very bottom rank in the matchmaking system), and it’s pretty free, and I won’t lie about not getting some sadistic pleasure in doing basic things to score easy victories. I would feel bad for these players, but I could have sworn some of them didn’t even know how to block. Read the rest of this entry