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Competitive Fighters Will Never Entice the Casualcore

I suppose a dramatic title like that deserves some sort of preface

rising thunderHere I come you fucking casuals!

So I’ve been bored recently and decided to try out the the Rising Thunder Alpha (something that you should all check out if you haven’t already), and I’ve definitely enjoyed it for what it is. The game has a design philosophy that is looking to draw more novice players into fighting games, by removing the need for commands when performing special moves (instead mapping them to button inputs), as well asĀ  affording more lenient combo input windows than something like Street Fighter. What this meant in my case, was that I could quickly get to grips with how a character functioned, learn some bread and butter combos, and get into some matches in under an hour. This is great, because it always feels nice to be able to jump into a game with such little time invested in technical mastery. So I go with Chel, being a shoto archetype (think Ryu and Ken in SF), I felt she would be the most comfortable character for me to work with off the bat and at least possibly reach a lower intermediate level of play very quickly. I get matched up against some Carbon rank players (the very bottom rank in the matchmaking system), and it’s pretty free, and I won’t lie about not getting some sadistic pleasure in doing basic things to score easy victories. I would feel bad for these players, but I could have sworn some of them didn’t even know how to block. Read the rest of this entry

Defensive Play: Exploring Why So Many Hate It

Jiggs ledge

Yes, I’ve been gone for a long time. I’ve had a lot of things going on for the last several months so sadly I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to blogging. Thankfully it’s mostly out of the way, so I can get back to writing.

So a lot of things have come and passed since I last wrote, and although I wanted to cover them at the time, I feel as if many of those topics were best left discussed when they were more relevant. In any case, one thing that has stuck out since the beginning of my venture into the Smash community has been the topic of defensive play, or rather, the overwhelming disdain for it. This is something I’ve found especially interesting because it’s certainly not something limited to Smash alone, and not even competitive videogames, but rather, it seems to span out to the sporting world as well. So the obvious question is, why do so many people dislike defensive play? Read the rest of this entry



There are a lot of things that make us nervous, nerves are a thing every one of us has had to deal with at some point in our lives, and still have to deal with. For a lot of new and even veteran players, nerves are something they find to be a very significant hindrance to their performance. You see the question posted on boards all the time, “how do I overcome nervousness?” after players fall apart in a tournament setting, and the answer is that you sort of don’t. The key to “overcoming” nerves, if you will, is understanding what nervousness means in the first place and why it’s actually not a bad thing.
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New (hopefully final) theme

So, believe it or not, I try to follow the feedback on my articles in my idle time. The most noteworthy thing I picked up on outside of the opinions on article content was opinions on the themes used.

My first theme had people complaining about the darkness of the background contrasted by the brightness of the text, making it stressful on the eyes to read. It was mentioned enough for me to change it, since I don’t want people’s eyes falling out just to read whatever it is I have to say. Recently, I’ve noticed a few complaints about the fixed width of the second theme I used being a chore to deal with on higher resolution displays, so I’ve decided to change it to what you currently see. Sadly on the platform I’m using I’m stuck to the theme selection offered by WordPress, so I have to hope that the theme I’m using now is to everyone’s satisfaction.

If there are issues, let me know and I’ll try to figure out one that will work fine, but this one seems to address all complaints I’ve ever received. Thanks for reading my blog! More content to come soon.

Diddy Kong Is My Favorite Thing About Smash 4


Yeah that’s right, I said it. Flying in the face of conventional opinions regarding Diddy Kong and his power as a character, I’m going to lay out why Diddy makes Smash 4 a far more enjoyable experience for me than if he were absent/weaker.

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The Fundamental Frameworks Show

So there’s a new gaming related YouTube show hosted by the Indie Dev team of Fundamental Frameworks. There’s a pretty strong chance I’ll be working with them in the near future, they’re very sharp guys when it comes to the details of game design. Here’s the first episode discussing AAA games, The Order 1886, Bloodborne and more. Check it out! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it enough to subscribe, I would definitely recommend it.

Following the Competition Ruleset: A Player’s Responsibility


In light of recent events, I felt it was important to stress to newer players, as well as even veterans who may not understand, the importance of adhering to the rulesets ordained by competition organizers. The most important reason you are doing this is not to appease those in charge, but in the interest of facilitating fair competition for all your fellow competitors.

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Learn How to Wobble in Minutes!


In an obvious attempt to land myself a permanent place on Juggleguy’s shitlist (kappa), I bring you a quick and easy guide on how to learn the technique of wobbling in pretty much just a single practice session. Sign up for just $60 to find out the secret!

In all seriousness, it’s pretty easy to get down if you just follow this specific training technique.
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The Smasher Skill Set: What It Takes to Be Great


I like to think about things, that fact is probably why I ended up starting up this blog in the first place, to have an outlet for my thoughts. One idea I’ve always entertained was the skill set behind a good smasher, akin to what you’d find in something like Madden player stats or an RPG. Ultimately, I streamlined all the skills required into key traits of a player. There are many fine details regarding what makes a great player, but far more often than not, they will trace back to the following traits.

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Melee Is an “Accident”? I Disagree


Well, I did my good deed with a non contentious article, I think that’s about enough of that for now. Since I’m full of opinions (and myself), I felt I couldn’t wait to get back into the swing of stirring up discussion with more of the thoughts that go in in my head. Now there’s this notion among the Smash community that Melee’s nature as a competitive game was a case of sheer dumb luck, a coincidence of many mechanics conveniently fitting together to make, as was described in the very famous documentary, a “beautiful accident”. I’m here to refute that idea, because in my view at least, there are far too many breadcrumbs of evidence leading in the opposite direction.

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