Learn How to Wobble in Minutes!


In an obvious attempt to land myself a permanent place on Juggleguy’s shitlist (kappa), I bring you a quick and easy guide on how to learn the technique of wobbling in pretty much just a single practice session. Sign up for just $60 to find out the secret!

In all seriousness, it’s pretty easy to get down if you just follow this specific training technique.

The quickest way to initiate a wobble is to pummel immediately after you score a grab, tilting the control stick forward gently immediately after you hit A on the first pummel and continuing to press A repeatedly to a steady pulse, causing Nana to ftlit while Popo continues to pummel. The key to getting an effective wobble is to get into the tempo off the bat, giving your opponent less time to mash out. So here’s how to learn that.

If you have an Android or Apple smartphone/tablet, I highly recommend the app “Metronome Beats” which can be downloaded for free. Now, if you don’t have access to this it’s fine, just use any free online metronome, but the app has a specific feature that makes it incredibly useful for learning wobbling.

Now, after you have your metronome set up, set it to 204 beats per minute in a cycle of 4 clicks (it feels better to count in 2s/4s imo but really it doesn’t matter that much), and listen to the pulse intently, internalise that rhythm. Although wobbling’s tempo requirements are actually quite lenient, with a pulse range from around the 180s to the low 210s, I feel 204 is the best to learn at the start because the key to wobbling isn’t just in keeping the opponent trapped, but also in initiating the wobble as fast as possible. Immediately jumping into this high tempo gives the opponent less time to mash out, but being slightly under the maximum means you won’t lose the wobble if you accidentally speed up by a few beats. Once you have the feel for this pulse, go to the next step, but it you don’t have access to the app, skip it and go to the next one.

Now, if you have Metronome Beats, you’ll notice there are two tabs, the one on your top left being “Settings”, go there. You’ll notice there’s a button with a drum icon that says “tap tempo”, which is the perfect practice tool before you try ingame where animations, sound effects, and controller noise can all serve as distractions from keeping the beat. The button is used for musicians to tap a pulse for the app to figure out, but we can use it sneakily to assess how well we can keep a beat and what it feels like to tap at a certain tempo! So it’s simple, try to tap and keep in the range of the 190s-200s, you’ll notice your BP count might go up and down constantly, but a fluctuation range of even 10BPM is acceptable as long as it doesn’t stray below 180 and above ~212, but try to keep it steady at around the 200-204 level. Managed it? Great, time to do it ingame.

Remember earlier where I mentioned how wobbling is actually done? Now it’s time to actually try it out, and remember, get into the beat IMMEDIATELY. Instead of a button on a smartphone, it’s now the A button you’re tapping. That’s the only difference, and that’s really all there is to it. The metronome trick is just there to provide the key assistance of feeling the rhythm, without the ingame fumbling and frustration that comes with figuring it out.

Good luck, and enjoy pickling your victims in an ocean of salt!


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